We carry on earthmoving and road construction works, landscaping, lawn breakdown and more!

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Civil works

We carry on design and construction works for major construction projects, as well as masonry, roofing and facade works.

General construction works

Earthmoving and road-building

Earthworks are complex construction works that include soil development, transfer and stacking, in order to create engineering constructions from the soil (dams, railways, roads, canals, ditches, etc.), bedding, land grading for building construction

Earthmoving and road-building

Road construction

Road construction is a construction industry that specializes in the design, construction, repair and maintenance of motorways, access roads and urban streets.

Road construction


Landscaping is a set of measures aimed to improve sanitary, environmental and aesthetic properties of the territory.


Construction equipment for rent

We offer construction machinery for rent

Construction equipment for rent

Geodesics services

We offer a full range of of geodesic services

Geodesics services

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Civil construction works

Civil construction building is the area, that is developing rapidly due to the urbanization of modern society. Construction works is a line, that demands much finance and worth process organization. The search of sustainable master builder becomes today one of the main factors of success, because only worth specialists can build an object in term without the quality devolution.

Our company provides the years of experience. We offer a wide range of construction activities, because the range of our specialists is not limited by several areas. We can construct concrete buildings, oil stations, and other objects key-ready. We also take the whole responsibility for projecting and construction in Belarus.

The benefits of TroZd are the following:

construction work in Minsk

  1. High-quality specialists. All our workers: crane drivers, constructors, machine operators have enough working experience to carry on their job the best way possible.
  2. Low prices. We provide low prices for construction works, because the whole construction equipment needed is the ownership of our company. Machinery, cranes, trucks and other machines are used without paying any rate to the owner.
  3. All construction and pre-construction works are performed in term and correspond to all safety-norms. While developing projects and calculation documentation we include only our own technical resources and escape such problems, as low-quality machinery and non-profitable machinery renting.
  4. We will be glad to take any volume of works, because we have enough human resources to perform them quickly and the best way, possible.
  5. TroZd is a wide working community, that works quickly, as a team and performs high-quality results. We can take on the process organization and perform all construction works in Belarus key-ready: from digging to telecommunication setting. When you choose different master builders for different types of work, the main problem is their patchwork constituency and the lack of communication and constituency. We offer the absence of such a problem.
  6. We can perform as chief master builder and can take responsibility on running your projects, that may have any level of complexity.

Prices for construction works

The final calculation of any construction depends on the volume of work, you would like to order. Our company uses flexible system of price calculations. Our clients entrust us and order projecting, calculating and construction of building for different purposes, let us run standardized and individual construction projects. Experienced engineers and cost consultants deal with documentation, that is composed according to all norms of law. Construction works index is calculated in obedience to law.

You can also order joint services.

ordered construction work

  • Road works: asphalt laying, the construction of access roads, the construction of road ditch, roadsides.
  • The transrportation of machinery and equipment: track machines delivery, sand, road stone, grift delivery, the delivery of cement and concrete, as well as of other materials to the building area.
  • Ground leveling, grubbing and stumping.
  • Garbage removal of any volume.
  • Planting and landscape design: the construction of pedestrian paths, flower-pots, ponds, fences and hedges.

How to order construction works?

You can order construction works by phoning us. We offer different types of construction works: from oil stations’ building to civil houses construction. All works are performed legally, with signing of all invoices and other  all documents needed.

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